Stisykling på Rørosvidda. Foto: Marketmap AS


Vi tilbyr el-sykler og vanlige sykler fra Rocky Mountain til utleie. Perfekt tilpasset sykkelopplevelsene i Alvdal!

Om Turen

Vi har 10 fulldempede el-sykler, Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay, og 2 vanlige fulldempede sykler, Rocky Mountain Instinct, til utleie. Vi kan også skaffe flere sykler ved behov.

Alvdal er et lite mekka for endurosykling, og el-sykkel gir deg den nødvendige hjelpen opp slik at man kan utnytte terrenget i Alvdal til fulle. For eksempel kan man bruke syklene til sjølshuttling på Tronfjell!

Det gir også fantastiske muligheter for å oppleve det unike nettverket av seterveier som finnes i fjellområdene i regionen.

Pris per dag : 850,- per dag
Pris per dag ekstra batteri: 150,- per dag
Pris per dag beskyttelsesutstyr: 100,- per dag (knebeskyttere og albuebeskyttere)
Pris sykkeleie + guidet dagstur: 1950,- per person

Leie av sykkel inkluderer hjelm. Hver tredje leiedag er gratis.

Har du spørsmål eller ønsker mer informasjon, ikke nøl med å ta kontakt med oss på

  • NIVÅ
    Nybegynner til krevende
    1 - 10 personer
  • Pris
    Fra 850 NOK
  • Terms and conditions rental equipment

Terms and conditions rental equipment

TERMS & CONDITIONS                     

These are the terms and conditions applying when renting equipment from Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr AS. By renting equipment from us, you approve these. Before placing your booking, you should therefore familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. The person making the booking is responsible for providing correct and relevant information for all persons included in the booking

  1. Payment

Payment is made via Visa or Mastercard and made online via our payment service provider DIBS. The Customer pays at the time of booking and then the lease agreement is entered into.

We normally require full payment before the equipment is handed out.

Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr follows standard rental practices and may also reserve a deposit amount as stated on the order confirmation upon booking. Reservation ensures that if the customer returns the equipment too late, damage the equipment or does not deliver at all. Deposit size varies with selected equipment that is rented out and is stated in your order confirmation. Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr has the right to use the deposit to cover rent as well as other costs as mentioned above and / or possible recourse requirements.

All prices are inclusive VAT. The total cost of the purchase will appear before the order and include all expenses related to rent or purchase. If errors have occurred with prices of significant size from Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr’s side on the website, Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr may unilaterally change, delete or reject orders even after the customer has received the order confirmation or the like. However, such errors must be corrected and informed to the customer within a reasonable time after the error has been discovered.

  1. Rental Period

The rental period equals the dates stipulated in the booking. The rental period is based on full days, where 1 day is 24 hours.

Early return of the rented equipment will not result in any (partial) refunds.

Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr will do our very best to accommodate if you wish to make any changes to your booking. However, to ensure the availability of our equipment, any changes to the booking must be confirmed by Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr in writing to be valid. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the equipment must be returned within the end of the rental period.

  1. Cancellations

Cancellations are free of charge if put forward 7 days prior to the rental period. Any cancellations made later than 7 than days prior will be charged in full.

Cancellations must be made in writing to the e-mail as provided by Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr.

  1. Delivery and Return

Delivery and return of the equipment take place as provided in the order confirmation.

  1. The Equipment

Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr strive to deliver quality equipment ready for our customers to rent. Please do not hesitate to ask for any advice or tips in advance.

The customer is obligated to inspect and accept the equipment’s condition upon delivery – and to inform Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr if the equipment is not in a satisfactory condition. If you experience any issues with the equipment’s functionality, please contact Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr immediately.

  1. Use of the Equipment

The Customer assume all risk in relation to use, transportation or storage of the equipment. The Customer is responsible for the safe and correct use of the equipment and his/her own prerequisites for performing the intended activity.

Please note that the Customer is responsible for any damage or loss of the equipment due to the Customer’s intent or negligence, arising in the period between delivery and return.

The Customer must handle the equipment with reasonable care. The equipment shall be returned in cleaned condition unless otherwise agreed

  1. Claims/complaints/right of withdrawal

Remarks or complaints about the equipment must be brought forward to Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr immediately. This to give the us an opportunity to rectify the matter. It is also a prerequisite for Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr to be able to process a possible written complaint. A written complaint must be received by Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr no later than two months after the end of the rental period. Due to this, no response can be expected until after this time. If you fail to give such notice within the above time limit, you lose the right to make any claim. If the parties reach an agreement or a settlement is agreed upon on site, no further claims can be made.

Please note that rental of our equipment for activities does not give rights under the Right of Withdrawal Act (Norwegian).

  1. Limitation of Liability

Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr AS shall not be liable for any loss, damage, accidents, injuries in relation to the equipment. Under no circumstances will Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr AS be liable for any consequential losses (whether such losses where foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise).

  1. Dispute Resolution

The parties should try to resolve disputes concerning the agreement and interpretation of these terms and conditions through negotiations. Disputes, which cannot be solved without the use of court proceedings, shall be settled by the Norwegian courts according to Norwegian law.

Tilbake til startsida
Fra 850 NOK