Mountains and spa – gravel edition

Join us for a unique gravel-adventure in the Norwegian mountains!


Alvdal is a hub for mountain adventures by bike. On this tour we guide you on the best gravel routes in the mountains. Biking through summer farms on roads that you mostly have to yourselves, you can let your mind wander and just enjoy the tour. As always we combine it with the best local cuisine and accommodation along the way, and we top it off with a spectacular musk-ox safari at the end of the tour!

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Day 1 – Arrival

Pick up at the airport and transport to the cozy farm-lodging at Urørt lodge. Welcome dinner in the evening, and a walk-through of the program for the tour.

Day 2 – The summit

We will do a “warm-up” tour to the summit of Mt. Tron, a unique road that offers a 1100 meters continuous ascent on gravel road, and a spectacular view from the summit! We enjoy the thrilling descent back to the valley with Rondane national park as our backdrop. Accommodation at Urørt lodge in the evening

Distance: 40 km
Elevation: 1371 meters ascent – 1371 meters descent
Surface: 99 % gravel – 1 % paved

Day 3 – The canyon

We start the tour with biking along Glomma, the longest river in Norway, before we embark on the mountain roads which also brings us to Jutulhogget. One of the most spectacular canyons in Europe, and the second longest canyon in Northern Europe. After soaking in the view we jump back on the bike and enjoy the open mountain roads that takes us to Tynset where we will sleep at Tynset Hotel.

Distance: 75 km
Elevation: 1139 meters ascent – 1208 meters descent
Surface: 99 % gravel – 1 % paved

Day 4 – The spa

From midtown Tynset we head out to the leg of the day which will take us through a valley of exciting geological formations, with esker-ridges running through the valley floor along the summer pastures and summer farms. Towards the end of the tour we have the option of a detour to an abandoned mining town, before we get to Savalen hotel where we can endulge and relax at the spa pool or with a full body massage. A perfect stop halfway through the tour!

Distance: 77 km
Elevation: 1389 meters ascent – 1143 descent
Surface: 89 % gravel – 11 % paved

Day 5 – The summer farms

From the hotel we follow the mountain roads that will take us through some of the most scenic mountain valleys in the area. The roads are a result of both mining operations in the 18th and 19th century, and access-roads to the summer farms. We travel from the mountains down to the river valley of Folla, which we follow to the boutique farm hotel at Kvebergsøya farm. Probably one of the coziest lodgings in Norway!

Distance: 68 km
Elevation: 989 ascent – 1055 descent
Surface: 98 % gravel – 2 % paved

Day 6 – The mountains of lichen

For the last day of biking we will travel through the realm of the reindeer, and when you see all the mountains covered with lichen you will understand why! The lichen is one of the main sources of food for the reindeer, and these mountains are totally covered with it. The road we will follow goes through the longest valley with summer farms in Norway, before we get down to the river Folla again and the last leg of the tour which takes us through the White Valley – named after the white color of the lichen. We will sleep at the historic Hjerkinn mountain lodge which will be our base for the last two nights.

Distance: 81 km
Elevation: 1465 meters ascent – 1187 meters descent
Surface: 89 % gravel – 11 % paved

Day 7 – The muskox

After breakfast we head out in the mountains to experience the muskox in its natural habitat. Hjerkinn is one of the few places in the world where you can experience these magnificent animals, and on a guided tour you are just about guaranteed to see them. After collecting some epic snapshots of the muskox, we head back to our lodging at Hjerkinn mountain lodge where we will enjoy our delicious farewell dinner.

Day 8 – Departure

Departure to the airport.