Privacy policy Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS

  1. The purpose of gathering personal data: In order to deliver the product to the customer, including payment for products, Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS needs to gather some contact, and personal information about our customers. After the product is delivered and paid for, Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS stores the personal information of our customers in a customer relation management (CRM) tool. The purpose of this storage is to periodically distribute newsletters and information per e-mail to previous and existing customers. Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr also stores personal information on their employees.
  2. The CEO of Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS is responsible for the processing the personal information stored.
  3. The judicial foundation for storing personal information can be found in Personvernlovens §8, bokstav a
  4. Collection of personal information. Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS collects and stores the following personal information of their customers: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, as well as information on what product they have ordered, skill level for chosen activity, physical level for chosen activity, and desired rental gear.
  5. Collection of personal information is done through online-forms filled out by the customers themselves, or through forms distributed by e-mail. These forms are distributed and collected as a part of the process of buying a product from Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS.
  6. The personal information is stored electronically in Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr`s  CRM-tool supplier. The customer may at any time after finalized booking and payment inform Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS that they want ther personal information deleted. Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS will not distribute personal information to third parties, unless it is explicitly agreed with the customer.
  7. Safeguarding your personal information. Only the CEO of Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS, or the hired guides for the specific event will be granted access to the personal information stored by Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS. The passwords to the CRM-tool are changed frequently. Our CRM-tool supplier is responsible for the security of the server where the personal information is stored. The web-access is encrypted with https (SSL-certificate). The CRM supplier is a Norwegian company.
  8. Contact for access or deleting personal information. Customers who want access to, or delete the personal information stored may contact the CEO of Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS via e-mail on