Urørt [ʉrøʈ] – pristine

Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr is a guide company and tour operator specializing in guided bike tours and ski tours, mostly in Norway but also to other exotic destinations. Our goal is to host adventures where you meet real people, new places and unique cultures. Our mission is to create a sustainable business which enables local settlement and increased quality of life for everyone involved in Urørt. Both the places we visit, the people working for Urørt and the guests travelling with us.

In Alvdal, Norway we operate our own lodge with access to a unique network of mountain bike trails and gravel roads. The lodge is the old family farm of the owners of Urørt, Siri Eggset and Audun Lutnæs, and it is a perfect place to relax and charge your batteries after a day out in the mountains. Located at the foot of the mountains, next to a fantastic canyon and at the trailhead for plenty of trails there is no better place to spend your bike holiday in Norway!