Urørt [ʉrøʈ] – pristine

Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr is a tour operator specializing in guided mountain bike tours and ski touring, mostly in Norway but also to other exotic destinations.

We are serious about sustainability and include all aspects of sustainability in our tours, economy, society and environment. We aim at promoting local businesses and creating values locally, without compromising future generations possibility of combining adventures in pristine nature with real culture.

As the first Norwegian tour-operator we offer tours solely to destinations which can be reached by train and/or public transport. We have also developed partnership with local providers in our neighboring countries which can offer adventures along the way if you decide to travel to Norway by train.

We always use local partners when possible, especially when it comes to food production, choosing sustainable means of transportation when possible, strategic and precautionary approach for the trails we use, and increasing the awareness and knowledge about the history, culture and identity of the areas we visit.