By choosing Urørt, you choose experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated guides who hold a great passion for sharing mountain adventures with our guests. Get to know our guides a bit better here.

Audun Jøstensen Lutnæs

CEO at Urørt and NMIG certified MTB guide

Audun holds a passion for mountain adventures, and especially secret gems off the beaten path. Through Svaneti Backcountry and Urørt he has been organizing guided ski tours to Svaneti since 2013, and he has first-hand knowledge of the skiing, culture, and local partners of the area.
As a mtb-guide he is at the top of his game in his own backyard, in the neigbouring mountains to Rondane National Park, and at exotic destinations like Georgia. Wherever the tour goes he is ready to show you the best trails adjusted to your level and needs.

Hans Gunleiksrud

NMIG-certified MTB guide

Hans was immediately hooked on mountain biking when introduced to this “new” concept of biking in 1986 – when his first MTB trip went to the lengendary Slickrock trail in Moab, Utah. Since then, different types of mountain biking has increasingly consumed more of Hans’ time. Skiing has always dominated Hans’ life, and he is a tracked athlete and coach, as well as organizer, politician and business man. But during the past years, biking has become his number one joy and favorite activity. Through decades, Hans has guided friends and aquaitances to the best spots for skiing and biking around the world, his favorite being the Rocky Mountains. After decades abroad, Hans has now settled in the small mountain town of Oppdal, the place which brought him to Alvdal for guiding and new adventures.


Magnus Nordistuen Løvik

NMIG-certified MTB guide

Magnus is born and raised in the small mountain town, Vinglen. Since childhoos, he has been biking and skiing in Forollhogna national park and as well as rest of the region Nord-Østerdalen. One year at Molde folk high school sparked Magnus’ passion for extreme sports – in particular for skiing and MTB. As a guide, Magnus seeks to unlock the potential in you as a mountain biker, and he is passionate about getting that good, outdoor experience every time he guides a group. Magnus looks forward to show you around the magical trails that our area has to offer!

Sigurd Felde

IFMGA certified guide ski touring

Sigurd has been living off and in the mountains for the last 20 years. He has been a mountainguide through all seasons for the last two decades, and he is IFMGA certified through Nortind. Sigurd has skied most continents, including Antarctica, and he has also been on several long ski expeditions. In addition to his skiing experience, Sigurd has also climbed some of the most demanding and technical mountains in the world, including K2, Trango, K7, Kiguti on Baffin Island, Ketilfjell on Greenland, and Cerro Fitzroy in Patagonia.

Ilia Berulava

IFMGA certified guide ski touring

Ilia is the only certified IFMGA guide in Georgia, and he is also responsible for the training of the Georgian ski guides through GMGA. The mountains of Georgia are his backyard, and he is a prominent driving force for he development of guided mountain adventures in Georgia. He has a long list of records from climbing, and he has climbed some of the most demanding and technical mountains in the Caucasus. Ilia’s favorite area of Georgia is Svaneti, and he has guided for Urørt since 2017.

Portrett Julia Foto Kjetil Høye Sviland TIMBR AS

Julia Hamre

NMIG certified MTB guide Værfast

Born and raised in Sweden, but she has lived in Norway since 2004. In her younger days she was more into cross country skiing and snowboarding, but she found a new passion after she discovered mountain biking in 2008. Even though she was more into downhill-biking in the beginning, she now enjoys mountain biking in all kinds of terrain. Julia has been one of the key players in the establishment of the local mtb-organization in Ringebu, and the event ”SykkelVIKU”. In general she wants to show as many people as possible the beauty of mountain biking.

Portrett Kjell Arne Foto Kjetil Høye Sviland TIMBR AS

Kjell Arne Høyesveen

NMIG certified MTB guide Værfast

If he’s not out on the trails you will find him in the workshop at the local sports store in Ringebu. Most likely he will also offer a cup of coffee and a bike-chat! Always helpful, patient, and forthcoming, and one of the key players in the establishment of the local mtb-organization in Ringebu and the local pumptrack. If you meet him out riding, chances are big that Nookta the trail-dog will be on his tail! Kjell Arne has been biking since the early 1990s and started mountain biking in 2007. He spent many years downhill-biking, but has sold the downhill bike and become a full on mountain biker.

Portrett Hans Foto Kjetil Høye Sviland TIMBR AS

Hans Anton Torgersen

NMIG certified MTB guide Værfast

Born and raised in Ringebu and has spent most of his years in the surrounding mountains. He is one of the most eager mountain bikers in the area, and always on the look-out for new trails. Hans enjoys working with people, and keeps his cool when we’re out in the mountains. In addition to mountain biking his biggest passion is fly-fishing. If you are lucky he will share some of his secrets when we are out on the trail. Hans is the CEO of Værfast.

Portrett Astrid Foto Kjetil Høye Sviland TIMBR AS

Astrid Husom Torgersen

NMIG certified MTB guide Værfast

After many years in Ringebu, Astrid finally found her new passion in mountain biking. She has always been active and on the run, both summer and winter, and has now found her new flow on the mountain bike. Looking back she cannot understand how she had fun in the mountains without the bike! With an iron will, her cheerful spirit and her local knowledge of the mountains from years of hunting, she is a solid rock up front guiding.