Sykkel Alvdal - Dombås

Bike and train from Rørosbanen to Dovrebanen 7 days


Meet up at the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Røros, and experience a spectacular tour by boat, bike and train in some of the most scenic mountain areas in Norway. With Rondane and Femundsmarka National Park as the backdrop we bike through summer pasture farms and sleep at historic hotels, farms and mountain lodges.


  • Difficulty
  • Group size
    6 - 12 persons
  • Duration
    7 days
  • Price
    1690 EUR
  • Price includes:
  • NMIG-certified guide for 6 days
  • Rental bike
  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Luggage transport
  • Tickets to the ferry Fæmund II
  • Itinerary


Day 1:

Arrival at Røros. After a delicious dinner at Røros Hotel you will be awarded your rental bike, necessary equipment and meet the guide which will be guiding you on this tour.

Day 2:

Following a hearty breakfast there is time to do some sightseeing in Røros. The bike tour of the day will take you to the entrance of Femundsmarka National Park. Lodging for the night will be at Langen gjestegård, a cosy mountain lodge on the banks of lake Femunden.
Distance: about 30 km

Day 3:

We begin the day with a boatride on the historic steamboat Fæmund II which has been used to transport travellers since 1905! The bikeride starts at one of the stops along the way and takes us to Johnsgård Tourist Centre, scenically located right next to lake Langsjøen.

Distance: about 30 km

Day 4:

This is one of the longer stages of the tour, but it is mostly flat and the only stage on tarmac. You will bike through an idyllic valley called Øversjødalen, where the road winds its way down from the mountain passing lakes and rivers along the way. When you arrive at your end destination in the town centre of Tolga you will be picked up and transported to Alvdal where you will be lodged at the historic Steien Hotel.

Distance: About 55 km

Day 5:

The first leg goes through the idyllic Haustdalen, which is an area with lots of summer pasture farms. Along the way you can also see remnants of the historic cableway which ran from the mines in Folldal and over to Alvdal. After the descent back to the valley floor you arrive at Kvebergsøøya farm, a historic and traditional mountain farm.

Distance: About 30 km

Day 6:

After a delicious breakfast it is time to jump back on the bikes. You will follow the river Grimse as it winds its way up to Grimsdalen. Grimsdalen is regarded as one of the most scenic mountain valleys in Norway, and once you get there you will understand why! The tour ends at Grimsdalshytta mountain lodge, where you can rest your legs and enjoy a 3-course meal with a spectacular view.

Distance: About 35 km

Day 7:

The last leg follows Grimsdalen all the way back to the valley floor. Once you get down from the mountains you bike through the vibrant farming community at Dovre. The tour ends at Dombås where you can jump on the train home after a memorable tour in the Norwegian mountains.

Distance: About 35 km

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