Bike and train along Rondane National Park

Arrive and depart by train, enjoy and experience by mountain bike! An exclusive tour in the Norwegian mountains.


With Rondane National Park as your backdrop and the UNESCO World Heritage site as your starting point, you will follow the scenic mountain route from Østerdalen to Gudbrandsdalen. Along the way you will experience some of the best mountain biking and mountain culture that Norway has to offer.

  • Difficulty
  • Group size
    2-10 persons
  • Duration
    7 days
  • Price
    1390 EUR
  • Price includes:
  • 6 days E-bike rental
  • 6 nights of accommodation at mountain farms and hotels
  • All meals
  • Maps and route descriptions
  • Luggage transport
  • Tickets to Fæmund 2
  • Itinerary
  • The area
  • Practical info


Day 1:

Arrival at Røros by train and check-in at your cosy lodging in central Røros. Røros is an old mining town and a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its well-preserved wooden buildings and mining history. After dinner you will be supplied with the rental bike and necessary equipment for the tour.

Day 2:

After breakfast there will be some time for sightseeing in Røros. We especially recommend the magninficent church at the top of one of the narrow and rustique streets. The tour of the day is relatively flat as it follows the roads towards the main entrance point of Femundsmarka National Park. After about 30 km you will arrive at Langen Gjestegård where you will be served a 3-course meal and get some rest before you embark on tomorrows adventures.

Day 3:

This is one of the most spectacular days of the itinerary as you will be travelling by the historic boat Fæmund 2 which originally was made for towing timber on the great lake of Femund. The bike tour of the day follows the lake and the mellow mountains surrounding it before you arrive at the idyllic camp-site at Johnsgård Tourist Center. A family-owned site where you will be lodged in one of the cosy cabins, and have delicious home-made cuisine in the evening.

Day 4:

Prepare for one of the longer days on the bike with a solid breakfast at Johnsgård. In total you will cover a distance of about 55 km as you bike your way along the beautiful lakes and mountains through Øversjødalen. This is one of the more remote settlements in the region with a very short distance from the vallyes to the mountains. At the end of the tour you will be picked up and trasnsported to Urørt Bike Lodge where you will be served a 3-course meal of traditional mountain food.

Day 5:

After a solid breakfast you will embark on the planned route of the day. You will follow the old trails from the historic mines in the area, and specifically the trail of the cableway connecting the mines with the railway in Alvdal. The tour ends with a refreshingly fun descent from the top of the old cableway and down to the lodging at Kvebergsøya farm hotel. After a delicious 3-course meal from local produce you can get a good night sleep and get ready for the next day.

Day 6:

The route of the day will take you in the direction of Rondane National Park along the river of Grimse. Early birds can even squeeze in a couple of hours of fishing in the river which is a famous trout-river. The route provides a panorama-view of Rondane as you will bike through beautiful mountain farms to the lodging of the day in Grimsdalen. Upon arrival at Grimsdalshytta you can enjoy a three-course meal and some relaxation.

Day 7:

After some well earned rest and restitution the last stage will take you through Grimsdalen, all the way down to Dombås. If you want to make a detour along the way we recommend a trip to Haversdalsseter Turisthytte, a small dairy located on a summer farm in the middle of the mountains! Finally you will reach Dombås where you can jump on a train, and relax on your way home from a memorable biking adventure through the Norwegian mountains.

If you want to extend the tour we can recommend to continue along Tour de Dovre, or to Mjølkevegen.

If you have any questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Photos: Mountains of Norway/Tour de Dovre


The area

Mountain biking in Alvdal, Folldal, and Tynset

Most of our tours are hosted in the beautiful mountain landscape neighboring Rondane National Park. The mountain biking in Alvdal, Folldal and Tynset is known for its unique combination of trails above and below the tree line. The mountains in the area are almost hand tailored for mountain biking, with summits that are steep enough for fantastic descents, but also mellow enough so you don’t have to push your bike too often. It is one of the driest areas in Norway, well protected from western low pressures by the mountain regions of Rondane and Jotunheimen. This means mostly dry trails throughout the season!

In Alvdal you find Mt. Tron, with Norways highest mountain road all the way to the summit. This provides a unique starting point to a magnificent network of trails. The area is also famous for the mountain farms, spread all over the mountains in the region. Most of the trails we use for biking are either used as trails to the mountain farms, or to the old mines, which you also find scattered around the area. Both result in a unique network of trails in the mountains.

Practical info

Level of difficulty


Each stage is between 25 and 45 km on gravel roads, which normally entails between 4 and 6 hours of biking every day.

How to get there

Our tours are centrally located in southeastern Norway, only 3-5 hours from Oslo international airport. From Oslo international airport you could either jump onboard on one of the northbound trains towards Trondheim, rent a car, or we can organize  pick-up at the airport. On this tour our starting point will be Alvdal, which is reached both by train and car. Please contact us if you want help or more information.


On our tours double-rooom is the standard for almost all accommodation. On some mountain farms, huts or the like family rooms or rooms that sleep more than two might occur. If you want a single-room there might be some additional costs.


We recommend full suspension bikes on all of our tours. On this tour we provide rental bikes, specially tailored for this tour. We will issue a recommended packing list for every tour. Please note that the packing list is issued as a reference, and Urørt ski og sykkeleventyr AS is not responsible for failing to include any particular item or misspellings on this list.

Terms of payment

When the order is placed an invoice for the deposit, equaling 30 % of the total price, will be issued. Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. The agreement between the parties is not binding until the deposit is paid in full. To read our full terms and conditions click here.


Even though most of our tours are hosted in some of the driest areas of Norway, we will still be in the mountains and above the tree line for a longer period of time on most of our tours. We encourage all our guests to be prepared for all kinds of weather, and all seasons, even during mid-summer.

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